"Here Comes Treble" Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar . . . and then some
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Mele'uhane BLOG: May 3, 2015

This May, Mele'uhane returns to the west coast for the annual, HERITAGE OF ALOHA festival in Santa Fe Springs, Ca! May 16 & 17, 2015.

We will also be performing three concerts in Long Beach, Yorba Linda and Manhattan Beach! Seats are selling out fast, make the call:)
Mele'uhane BLOG: April 10, 2015
Our debut album, "Mele'uhane" has garnered Two Na Hoku Hanohano Award nominations!
Mahalo to all HARA voting members and our fans!!

Join us at the Hoku Awards May 23rd!

Mele'uhane BLOG: March 28, 2015
Our song, "KOHOLA" has been requested for use in the soundtrack of the Independent film POPOLO, releasing this Summer! A triumphant film debut from inspired director Edo Natasha!

Mele'uhane joins many other Island artists, in celebrating Indie film-making in Hawaii. CHECK IT OUT!!

Our visit to Ke Kula Ni'ihau o Kekaha

Haunani Seward, Principal / Ke Kula Niihau o Kekaha 
"How is it possible to capture what happened that day using mere words? How can I describe the emotions of the moment that brought tears to our eyes when we learned the story of why a fish and bird must always live in two separate places like a chief and a commoner. How also do I describe the space when time stood still as music, story and dance captured our imaginations and we were standing in the falls of Hiilawe? It was a most magical experience. Me ke aloha

    "When I met two of my favorite Ke Kula Niihau students at Leina'ala's concert with Kuana Torres, I asked them how they enjoyed the music and stories of the Lindsey's and Atkinson's. Austin glowed with praise with his colorful vocabulary and Kalani whipped out his I-phone and promptly shared his photos taken the day of the visit. They gave me a blow-by-blow description of the morning. I believe they loved it....especially Keikilani's Wolverine-like side burns."
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E Kanikapila Kakou / 30 year Celebration

 Carol Yosuda, Director / Garden Isle Arts Council
     "When I was booking travel for the Lindsey father and son team known as Mele'uhane, Keikilani informed me that they did not have any frequent flier number because they rarely leave the island of Hawai'i. Coming for EKK was going to be only their second visit to Kaua'i. Making up for loss time or making the most of the opportunity, this man of action not only agreed to do his musical presentation at EKK with his son Leo, he also requested adding his Kumu Keoni Atkinson to the program and Keoni in turn brought his youngest daughter who was a bright gem with her beauty, hula, hawaiian 'olelo and her chanting of Pale Hua.

     Keikilani expressed interest in recording his music while on Kaua'i, so I suggested several sound studios and he made arrangements to stay on Kaua'i longer to work with Ron Pendragon on his CD recording. When I asked if he would consider adding some visits to schools as part of my other wonderful GIAC program called Van Go! which takes art experiences to communities; he agreed enthusiastically. I scheduled him for a morning visit to Ke Kula Niihua o Kekaha and an afternoon visit to Kapa'a Middle School where Mary Lardizabal carries out a fantastic music program."

Keikilani's comments on our Kaua'i Trip

Aloha mai e Carol,

    I cannot thank you enough for your goodness. This was my second trip to Kaua'i...and again it was magical. It feels so much like home to me and the spirited people of Kaua'i are the most genuine I know.

    We were so honored to be asked to join in the party at E Kanikapila Kakou 2013. And we were humbled by the large turn-out of attendees. What an awesome concept, to kanikapila with the crowd. I truly loved working with my friends in the 'ukulele circle and could have gone for another two hours with them. They were so delighted to learn and I was thrilled to find them very adept with their instumentation. It made time for many smiles:)

    Our cross-island trip, on Tuesday, brought us first to the beautiful souls at Ke Kula Ni'ihau o Kekaha. We were introduced to the entire student and staff body in their state-of-the-art A/V production studio, in an up close and personal time of sharing. We shared stories and mele, and illustrated the importance of crafting emotions and sharing it with the world. Whatever your passion is, music-dance-art-poetry, use it as a vehicle to "holo mua", move forward. Just before our departure, we were blessed by their makana and gifted a vocal performance in a capella by a trio of their students. We will always remember our friends in Kekaha.

    Greeted by a clear view of Ni'ihau in the distance, we took to the road again and journeyed to Kapa'a Middle School. Happy to share our stories and mele with Mary Lardizabal's award-winning chorus class, we were even more pleased to be serenaded by them. To see young people so passionate about music has always touched see them excel at it, is a truly beautiful thing to behold. We will always feel like honorary members. Mahalo to our new friends in Kapa'a, and good luck in competition. Onipa'a.

    Our lives will be forever changed from our adventures on Kaua'i. From the EKK concert to our spiritual rebirth at Ka pa hula o Laka, we have been blessed to find new friends and new inspirations to carry on. Mahalo Carol and mahalo to the Garden Isle Arts Council for your malama. And mahalo Kaua'i...we love you. A hui hou."

Keikilani Lindsey, Mele'uhane

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