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Lead Vocals/Guitar/Composition

Keikilani Lindsey is the issue of more than 5 generations of Hawaiian storytellers and paniolo. An accomplished vocalist and performer, Keikilani cut his teeth as a student of the hula and has emerged today, as one of Hawaii's new generation of storytellers. Taking up the mantle of his Great-Aunt Helen, Keikilani Lindsey endeavors to craft beauty in every extreme, rendering a voice to each emotion.


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Leokani Lindsey, or LEO for short, is the eldest son of Keikilani and an innovative artist in his own right. Having spent his early childhood mastering rhythm and percussion, Leo is now head-over-heels in love with his guitars.
Leo will tell you that he will always be a student of the art of Hawaiian Slack Key guitar. And his humility serves him well, as his innovative insights and fantastic compositions, are truly a gift from above and continue to inspire many.
Serving as Mele'uhane's lead guitarist and harmony songbird, Leo is earning every stripe rounding out this Father-Son Big Island duo.